Phenolic High-Pressure Compact Laminate (HPL) Material

Laminated window Building - Cladding in Woodstock, GA
Kistler McDougall can use Phenolic High-Pressure Compact Laminate (HPL) to give you a lightweight, high-efficiency option for your building's cladding.

Phenolic HPL material is typically used in Rainscreen façade systems to provide a versatile, energy-efficient wall cladding. HPL products are manufactured using wood-based fibers and thermosetting resins combined in a high-pressure press to create an incredibly dense panel with excellent strength-to-weight ratios.
Products are available in many colors, textures, sizes and finishes and can be installed in various configurations. Kistler McDougall uses Trespa phenolic HPL material to give you a wall panel system that stands up to time.
Outfit your building with a lightweight, energy efficient and eco-friendly cladding solution. Call Kistler McDougall at 770-928-3830 to discover how phenolic HPLs can benefit your building!