Solar Daylighting Devices across Georgia and Alabama

Solatube - Daylighting in Woodstock, GA
Kistler McDougall helps you save energy and keep your interior lit during the day with solar daylighting solutions. These systems focus and redirect sunlight from outside to give you bright, vibrant spaces without the accompanying electric bill.

Tubular Daylighting Devices are a unique way to bring daylight into almost any space. However, not all TDDs are alike. Solatube International, the inventor of the TDD, continues to reinvent how we use daylight by offering us a top of the line product which delivers abundant, clean, white light, all without the added heat. As Solatube International's Official Georgia and Alabama Distributor, Kistler McDougall offers full installation on their whole range of products. Don't get caught in the dark, contact us for assistance today.
  • One of the most technologically advanced daylighting products available
  • Consistent lighting throughout the day
  • Delivers abundant clean white light
  • Engineered light diffusion
Let Kistler McDougall improve your energy efficiency and your indoor lighting! Call 770-928-3830 and ask about Solatube today.