Terra Cotta Rainscreen Facades across Southeast US

Rainscreen Building - Terra Cotta  in Woodstock, GA
Terra cotta facades from Kistler McDougall are a great way to get a traditional look like modern-day protection for your building.

Modern terra cotta façade systems offer an extruded, double leaf terracotta panel installed in a rainscreen system on an aluminum substructure. A high performance envelope can be created utilizing either horizontal and/or vertical applications. The terracotta panels come in many colors, sizes and surface finishes.

Kistler McDougall offers Terracotta Rainscreen Façade systems using products manufactured by either Boston Valley Terra Cotta or Shildan / Moeding Terracotta Rainscreen Façade Systems.
Boston Valley
For help with the design, specification, and installation of Terra Cotta Rainscreen Facades, call your cladding experts at Kistler McDougall at 770-928-3830 today.